With the boom of Smartphones sales, the makers and developers of applications created many different applications and games for Smartphones and touch pad… That’s why some applications that allow you to control all the systems of your house or your office wherever you are will be created.


  • Remote Heating Control:


This first app is made to control all your electric appliances from a distance. You have a schema on your phone with all your electric devices; you just have to click on the device to turn on or to turn off. To use this app, you just have to synchronize your phone with your other devices. You should have suitable equipment (Wifi, Bluetooth…)

  • Home Control:

This new application will be compatible with all the systems of your house (windows, lights, doors, heaters…).  You can so check your entire house wherever you are with your smartphone, for example, you can see if your windows are closed, if all the lights are off… However, in order that application works, you have to buy all the suitable equipment… You have to buy: new windows and shutters, new doors, new heaters, security cameras. Even if this application seems to be a great idea to be in secure and to keep the control of your house, it will be very expensive.


Captura de pantalla 2014-05-09 a las 13.29.23AtHome Camera – Home Security // IP Vision Pro:


This app is based on a security function, with a camera installation in your house (thanks to your webcam, your old phone or some real security cameras), you will can see inside of your house whenever you want. Moreover, an alarm will ring on your smartphone if the cameras detect moves inside your house. A record function allows you to show the video to the police if you get robbed, for example.

  •  Mocha VNC:

Another security application is already create, that allows you to control your computer from a distance, and see who is using your PC thanks to the webcam. With this app, you can see what happened close to your PC, but you can also control your computer and open every software as if you were in front of your screen. Moreover, the screen of the PC is retransmitted on your phone.

These applications show us how to be in secured thanks to only a smartphone.  One more time, we can say: Technology is revolutionizing the world!