Initially, advertising brands, producing luxury goods, placed in the press, but in the age of digital technology has expanded the horizon. Through video and other technologies, marketers of luxury brands began to sell his idea of a luxurious lifestyle selected cohort of people.

However, this approach will not work against the owners of smartphones. Mobile devices require the revision of established marketing strategies. We need to create campaigns that will effectively reach your target audience with the help of mobile content. Below are four effective ways to attract the attention of owners of smartphones and tablets to your brand.

1. Create a “Series”

Do not try to get all the information you need in one advertising message . Make a “series “, and people will return again and again to your brand . This approach is quite understandable desire to know what will be the denouement of the story.

2 . Plot

Regardless of the type of mechanism used mobile advertising messages should be intriguing . In no case can not be “head ” to spread all the basic postulates . Do not reveal all the cards ! Surround your brand some secret .

3 .Attract customers to the game

Throw a public challenge! Allow them to take part in the game. Let’s just clues and hints in advertising. Moreover, these items should not appear on billboards and leaflets , and , for example, only in television commercials . Then each movie will be expected to look and be perceived “a great success “.

4 .Encourage

Buyers of luxury goods category tend to exclusive contact with the seller and want to feel the importance and uniqueness . Creating a sense of uniqueness – an effective way to influence affluent clients and strengthen strong relationships with them. If you elect to reward customers for their commitment to the brand , it will create a sense of their own uniqueness and cause a real attachment to the brand.