The majority associates content marketing with text, photos, video and SEO. However, content marketing campaigns can be expanded up to traditional media.

It must be understood what factors are necessary for television and radio, and then they should be added to the strategy.

Which represents a good local TV?

Exciting and interesting campaigns will always attract people’s attention. But the real success of the campaign will be possible only if you choose the right time for it. If, for example, within the power structures there is a discussion of immigration, racism, abortion, or any other topic, you will be able to adjust to it your company and products. It makes no sense to talk about the Pokemon – the excitement has long passed. The most important thing is to be able to understand the news. What is popular now? What are the current trends? Why do you think your products / company newsworthy? What’s in the news captures the minds of the audience and turns dreams into reality?

A few examples of how things work

People love children. Children are of great interest, they do and say something funny, and all of it is very convenient to use for advertising. On regional TV also lovephilanthropy and social events. Think about how you can work with a group of children from a particular region, on how they can be involved in activities and advertising of your goods. Conduct charity event with children on Wednesdays, show how they use your product, let it looks funny, and invite the regional TV channel to shoot it all.
Bring a group of veterans, college students and tell about your idea to the greatest possible number of people – it will affect which time is best to show your advertising on the radio or on television. What is good in the morning hours is not always suitable for the evening news.

Want to know more?

Watch TV channels and take notes about the companies and the varieties of of stories and think about how you can make something similar. Work with the regional community leaders, as well as talk with professors in regional institutions. Speak with companies with strong advertisement on TV and radio, and do not be afraid to ask them what helped them to implement the idea on television or radio.