One of the best ways to improve brand recognition, expand your customer base and increase your sales is to make involved right people into conversation about your brand. That what people say always was  the most trusted way for a potential customer to hear about the product. Social media make it digital. It´s became a huge database of potential influencers, so it´s a great idea to make people promote your product.

Here you have 6 tips how to do that:

1. Find influencers inside and outside of the box

By using google search and Twitter search you can find people who are already interested in your industry, so it´s important to use it for finding that people. Companies, which make interior decor for example may have check out fashion blogs. By using some tools which could help you to determine top influencers and it´s a great possibility to get them into your industry and into your network. Also you can follow your current network to influencers. The most important rule of building a good twitter network is to start following 10 persons each day. Some of them may become influencers for you.

 2. Use Measurement to Cultivate from Within

Maybe people already know about your brand and substitute brands in your industry, so it means they could talk about it. The main point is the your best influencers could be in your network already, cause they know who you are and they pay attention to your social media presence. Tools which helps you to manage social media also may help you to identify these conversations so you can add that influencers to your social networks. It could be very usefull if the person is celebrity or friends and relatives of the potential customer, cause usually people “like thing” which their friends like. If you have a network full of minor influencers, who could speak to their friends and family about the product, but for now it would be better to don´t discount local influencers in your network.

 3. Recognize and Reward Your Influencer

Everyone likes to be special, social media influencers are not an exception. Strategy which you use should include tactics for recognizing and rewarding important players in your social media circle. Also you can tap particular users for a feedback about your new products. For keeping your users in touch you should give them some portions of information. You should ask your follower to re-tweet or like your posts for some bonus. Big social media blitzes are very useful in sharing big news.

 4. Be Personal

Every person like to keep in touch one on one. So it´s important to engage social influencers with a big readership. They are very passionate about their topics and they may have more information about your market then you do. So it means that you have to be prepared to answer for their questions.  You should keep a relation with influencers who are talking about you by giving them a mention.

5. Tailor the Tactic to any social network

Behavior of influencers Twitter don´t look the same as it is on other social networks or blogs or platforms. Updating of your twitter feed no more than ones an hour and no less than once a day on facebook. Facebook is not so grateful for sharing commercial that twitter, so influencers it is a platform or a place more for games and shareable experiences. On other may blogs and social platforms is good to involved people into dialog with you. And do not forgot to share great facebook photo on pinterest and great blogpost on twitter.

6. Keep Up with the Social Media Conversation

If you are a part of a social media conversation it´s a great way to make influencers taking about you organically. JetBlue airlines is a good example on Twitter of it. They are not scary to say something little sassy to their concurrent, but another brands could use it to promote themselves too, by making something impressive. That is the way now how people thinking and talking about you now.