Converting visitors into buyers – the main goal of any online store. But what happens after the order is placed ? The man just filled dozens of fields in order to spend their money online . It is foolish to miss this opportunity to engage customers and to place on the confirmation page, dry information about the order. “Thank you for your money – you are free.”


This article contains six ways to how use the confirmation page , which is usually written “Thank you for your purchase .” The first three points are devoted to what fields can be transferred to it from the payment form , and detailed answer to the question of the owner of an online store Vin Kutty:

” What steps can be transferred from the mold to the page gratitude? I mean useful , but not mandatory for the seller information and questions that may irritate the customer in the process of completing the purchase , and after – the perceived normal? ”

In the last three paragraphs, I ‘ll go beyond question, and tell you how to use the confirmation page to engage customers. Let’s begin .

1 Cross selling

The benefits of cross-selling is obvious, but to offer a deal to the buyer, just a product to the cart , it is risky – it could push him away and stop ordering . You can solve the problem , leaving the cross-selling to the confirmation page , and to offer additional products out there, without risking to startle or distract the customer from buying .
Customers travel companies are familiar with e-mails containing , along with information about ordering deals , insurance companies and car rental companies . This approach allows you to clear the form of extra information , without losing the possibilities for cross – selling.

The buyer , who decided to take advantage of the additional demand on the confirmation page can easily add items to the cart , and the re- enter any data would be required. Beside each additional item can be placed click “Add to Cart “, which allows you to make a new purchase in just one click . You can appeal to the ” fear of loss ” by posting a message about the limited duration of the sale : “In the next 5 minutes, you can purchase these ornaments with 25% discount .” Of course , it is necessary to connect the additional logic , but the result is worth it : the method allows for cross-selling , without overloading the form and without annoying customers.

2 Newsletter

You should not distract visitors and offer them a subscription to the news at the time of the heroic assault on the payment form . It is better to use for this order confirmation page .
Page layout based on Baymard Institute. Fields newsletter subscription can be transferred to the page of gratitude, where more space to describe the benefits.

Since the electronic address of the client you already have , the implementation of this function can be very simple : enough a newsletter  or “Subscribe” button ( “Unsubscribe” – if all clients by default subscribe to our newsletter , though we do not recommend using this approach) . You can use the field to the entered email address , if desired, the buyer can enter another address – pretty useful feature for customers of the sector B2B.

Location subscription form on the last page has an important advantage : the extra space allows buyers to learn more about the privileges of subscribers. Usually, if you are prompted to sign up for news within the form , the proposal is formulated as briefly as possible , so as not to clutter the already saturated page . To order confirmation page , this problem is not urgent , and the privileges of subscribers can devote an entire section . If you have several options lists, this is even more serious reason to transfer the subscription form on the last page .

3 Registration

Leaving the account creation to the confirmation page , you can greatly simplify the process of completing the purchase. Otherwise, the number of steps in the form of increasing and users are forced to think, ” What’s the password to use? Should I trust this site your personal information ? Do they store your credit card details ? Do I need an account here ? How often will I have something to buy ? Does this mean that I am automatically taken to the mailing list to receive emails ? Will I be throwing spam? ”
The company Crate and Barrel section for registration placed on the confirmation page and simplify the purchase process .

As is the case with a subscription to the newsletter, this approach allows the use of all the advantages of additional space page and describe the benefits of registration. If as a login to use the e-mail address to create an account only one password.

However, sometimes it is better to include the registration of a purchase process . For example, when buying your account may be an important component of the product (even if this option is optional) . In this case, the placement of fields for registration, albeit optional , within the form can give great results (although this is not always true).

4 Auxiliary materials

Confirmation page is great for posting video clips and other important resources associated with the purchased item . Users will be able to study them while goods are in transit . For example, the buyer will please coffee – machine video guide “How to make a cup of excellent espresso ,” customer race bike – a booklet on how to properly care for them and adjust speed changers , and the customer who bought the program – video tutorials on working with her. Anything that will help the buyer feel the right frame of mind and assure him of the correctness of the acquisition, will reduce the risk of failure. Not to mention the fact that the client will be pleasant to your care , and when the parcel will bring , he would accept her unpack .
Among SeattleCoffeeGear shot series of remarkable videos for owners of espresso machines Rancilio Silvia. Now they can add them to the page , and the proof of purchase – for those who just bought a car .

Of course , the creation of relevant content and placing it in accordance with the goods require much effort . But it is precisely such materials may give an advantage in a competitive market : with their help you demonstrate that you do not care about the views of buyers and you want them to be able to get the most out of our products . When properly filing useful surprises will help to create a special and rare : the joy of shopping at an online store.

For major online stores have thousands of products in stock , creating additional content for each product – an impossible task . In this case, you should consider supporting materials for the 5-10 most popular items , or to several top sellers of products. In addition, you can use the materials of enthusiastic bloggers , forums , YouTube , etc.

5 Social networks

For free references and strengthen the ” social proof ” can be used inspiring customers – ask them to share the joy of buying through social networks . This technique is widely used today and is the most striking example of the effective use of the last page.
On the Amazon site users encouraged to share news of the purchase in social networks – so you can get free advertising on Facebook and Twitter, as well as via email.


You can offer users not only to share the news about buying a particular product , but also subscribe to the brand page on Twitter or Facebook, and if you planned an event – an invitation to offer .
6 Questionnaire

I think anyone with a web store would like to know what the client thinks the time of purchase . So why not ask about it from the client ? We need only to be placed on the confirmation page one field where the user can enter the information you need . Do not need a lot of research , at least in form , just ask one question , allowing free-form answer.

Ask , “How did you find us ? ” Banal : Site Stats gives 80 % of the information on this issue. It is better to ask a “deep” question such as “How , in your opinion , can make the site better ? ” Or bolder : ” Why did you purchased this product from us , not on Amazon?», Or any other question you . It will take time to analyze and classify the answers in the form of a little reflection , but the result is worth it – in your hands will be lively and detailed description of the thoughts and feelings of visitors at the time of purchase .
golden mean

So you’ve learned 6 ways to capitalize on the order confirmation page . In front of them is not a task to replace the confirmation as such : page must always be present : a brief description of the order , the expected delivery date and the mention of the fact that the confirmation letter sent to the buyer by email.

The proposed functions should be considered as additional opportunities to reduce forms of payment (items 1-3) and further engage users (paragraphs 4-6). Try different combinations . Think about the features of its niche : it is possible , you have a unique opportunity to advance that can please the customers and bring you big profits .