Recently, the chief engineer at Bing, Minaz Merchant, published an article in which he enumerated the advantages of Bing over Google when searching for images.

1. Context Analysis

Bing understands whether the query it of a person, place or thing, and gives the user the appropriate image.

2. Handling large data

Bing analyzes web signals, as well as your behavior in social networks. Images are compared to your preferences, and in the results you get what suits you best.

3. The duplicates

According to the statement of Bing, search engine can recognize both absolute and partial duplicate images and filter them during displaying the search results.

4. The aesthetics

Bing can show different variants of a single image in one place. This is much more convenient than flipping the page to find the right option.

5. The quality

After the first click Bing shows the user the image in full quality. According to the developers, their algorithm gives preference to the images in higher quality.

Bing share of the search market is growing steadily. Let’s see if announcement of being the best search engine for images helps winning yet another part of the market?