Promotional activities of Instagram will start next year. This fact is proved by article in Wall Street Journal, which presents a Facebook profile of Emily White, director of business operations of Instagram. This article examines the issue of advertising.

Emily White and advertising on Instagram

The objectives of Emily White within Instagram include the development of the monetization plan, which would not lead to the exclusion of teenagers from the lines of social network users.
Currently, there are many companies and brands that use the site as a tool for promotion, so advertising on Instagram is relevant. Facebook has the following question: “What type of promotional product will make them open their corporate wallets?”

White admitted that earlier on of Facebook was developed excessive number of types of advertising, which has led to confusion among advertisers. Currently, the company is on the way to simplifying and streamlining of their advertisements. Potential types of promotional products for Instagram, mentioned in the article, include search engine advertising as well as advertising in the form of links to products in the style of Pinterest.

Advertisement on Instagram: striving for excellence

When Instagram will finally begin to run its ads probably, the company will do it carefully and thoughtfully in order not to scare people.

Advertising on Instagram in the long run will be another potentially lucrative source of mobile income for Facebook. You can also think that the attitude of Instagram to Facebook in many ways reminds the attitude of YouTube to Google.
Instagram has more than 130 million active users and more than 16 billion images on the site. These figures were announced in June.