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    Social payment (II): Pay with a tweet, three differents study cases

Social payment (II): Pay with a tweet, three differents study cases

To promote their products, many companies use the functionality “Pay with a Tweet” button. This marketing strategy is really efficient, and it begins to grow up all over the world. In fact, the companies sell you a product in return to an advertising tweet, you simply tweet the seller’s viral message in exchange for the goods.
A way to get notoriety very quickly thanks to […]

Social payment (I): Pay with Instagram Pictures

In London, a new restaurant’s concept was just opened, The Picture House London, of the brand Birds Eyes, is a pop-up restaurant located in Soho. This restaurant has taken an advantage on their competitor, thanks to the application Instagram.
To promote their new products, the client has to take a photo of his meal, and then he posts it on the social network (Instagram), with […]

Effective ways to promote the social networks campaign

It’s not a secret that social networks have big influence on the modern society. No matter what do we deal with, we still face the need of use of websites. Therefore, every company needs to make structured actions in social networks, one of which is constant and on-time posts with news. It had become an unbroken rule in the […]

How to stimulate the subscription to our newsletter?

The reason
First, in simple and clear words explain the readers why should they subscribe. Will they receive some unique content as a benefit (e-books, white papers, videos, access to bonus articles)? Will they gave additional advice on the topic they are interested in? Will they get answer for their question of interest?
The frequency
Now the potential readers have a reason […]