Sale increase in the Net nowadays became a key moment of the whole marketing. All because world wide web has penetrated into every house, moving the process of choosing and buying the product to comfortable laptops, tablets or even phones. Therefore, marketers followed clients to the Internet and started developing it into the new market with diverse customers.

The human’s nature is like this. We like listening to the lively and bright stories. We prefer the information put into such a story much more than any pure fact. This is exactly the reason why business place marketing conceptions, new ideas and products into stories.

Such a method is called storytelling. What differs an advertising story from a simple advertising? It’s presence of a person who is engaged into the plot. But plot should be special itself – there should be hardships testing the person in order to get the viewers interested.

What to tell about?

It can be a company’s story, but not a handbook-like description, starting with the date of founding. The story should be started with the idea of the product or brand – the true beginning of the story.  This will create more trusting relationship with an internet user. Stories about successes and achievements, news and products, clients and their cases – these are good topics for storytelling.

Separately we should recall the social network activities. Instagram and Pinterest which allow making full photo-reports and comic book in real time, Facebook and Twitter which allow making announcements and sharing the news.

Stepping away from a standard way of storytelling, still remember that content is prior to any form – a story should be qualitative, easily readable and with images.

A storytelling surely you will like:

We’re all storytellers” is Google ‘s commercial that aired during the gala of the Oscars 2014, the 86th Academy Awards. The video was directed by the director of “Toy Story”, “Nemo” or “WALL-E”, Andrew Stanton. The advert commemorates every creative person who ever picked up a camera and found a way to get your story to life.

“We all love stories. We’re born for them” Andrew Stanton.