E-commerce is developing primarily due to increased penetration of smartphones, while there is a new trend of making online purchases while in traditional stores, according to a report Ericsson Consumerlab.

Dangerous for the off-trade, the paradox is that buyers are increasingly considering the traditional store as an exhibition hall, where a particular product can be studied “alive”, and then immediately using a smartphone to find a more attractive price for this product in the online store and make a purchase there. In the U.S. 69% of respondents make purchases in online stores.

In general, smartphone users are interested in shopping online more than people who do not use a smartphone. However, the good news for retailers is that eight of the 12 product categories analyzed, consumers prefer to combine the traditional trip to the store and online shopping rather than simply to make purchases on the Internet. Thus, 80% of consumers surveyed prefer to look “good person”, before purchasing it.

Therefore, retailers are actively encouraged to develop the direction inline shopping: not to “give up” is an advanced third-party clients come online store. You can, for example, offer a coupon code to download it for presentation at the box office, to ensure priority release of the goods or to make a special offer to the accompanying article, the purchase of which the client and did not think (that the common practice of online stores traditional trade has not yet taken over.) Most developed this scheme, again, in the U.S. there 39% of smartphone owners use the phone to make small payments to scan the bar code of goods or to download discount coupons.

Buyers are said in the report, they want to see, touch and try the products, compare prices and have access to more information about the product. For example, to read the reviews already bought the product.

Most often, online buying tickets and booking. Among the “online catalog” leading music and books, as well as computers and other electronics. The least dangerous trend of online retail sales for products, goods, health and beauty, furniture, clothing and footwear.
In addition, the report contains many examples of how to use the smartphone as usual encourages people to shop: Listen to the radio gives a boost to the purchase of an album artist, communication in social networks, where people are discussing a new movie leads to the purchase of movie tickets, weather puzzles choice of new tires for the car, etc.

Head of research of Ericsson ConsumerLab Michael Bjorn (Michael Björn) said: “For customers shopping – it’s a natural part of everyday life. As a result, they want to have an application that will make the trip to the store a convenient and simple. Similar to the way people want anytime, anywhere access to the Internet, they want to be able to make purchases at any time when the need arises. Retailers need to understand and meet this need if they are to succeed in the future. ”