We promote social prescription to increase your ROI: social influencers and your fans will become the prescribers of your brand.

Our network

We identify and categorize key influencers within our global network for your business in order to promote your brand and product.

Multiply your ROI

We understand the importance of managing the influence aimed to increase your profits: the results will be monetized through your social community.

Global management

Run your campaigns in a quick and flexible way, with a full control and monitoring of the results

A value service for your brand

  • We offer a direct relationship between your brand and the influencers

  • We offer flexibility and quickness in configurating and in managing your social media campaigns

  • We constantly monitor the effectiveness of the results of your campaigns

  • We provide you with a huge board of international influencers

Rentability with results

  • You will notice an essential increase of the engagement with social influencers and their audiences

  • We multiply social recomentdations to your brand/li>

  • Your brand community defenders will grow

  • We transform your users´s trust into ROI

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