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Content marketing is now also on radio and television

The majority associates content marketing with text, photos, video and SEO. However, content marketing campaigns can be expanded up to traditional media.
It must be understood what factors are necessary for television and radio, and then they should be added to the strategy.
Which represents a good local TV?
Exciting and interesting campaigns will always attract people’s attention. But the real success […]

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How to translate your brand into social media language

Social media recreates reality, changing the terms and processes of our life. Companies are trying to use these trends for their sake, giving social media a significant role in their marketing strategies. They want to get a slice for the pie of nowadays phenomenon of social networking.
How to do that?

Set up goals
Like in every other start, you begin with […]

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Facts that irritate your followers

Negative impression of your website visitors leads to bad reputation. To avoid the loss of potential clients, study the following fact that users don’t like.  Did your website avoid them?

Pop-up ads

This is evident – pop-up ads irritate. Maybe, it can give your few more subscribers, but it will be incomparable anyway to the amount of reader you lose because […]

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Google does not mind Facebook Home… for now

One of the top managers of Google states that the company – at least so far – has nothing against the presence of Facebook Home on the Android devices, but in the future the situation may change.
Sundar Pichai, the head of Android and Chrome subunits in Google corporation, in an interview with Steven Levy from Wired retold what Google […]

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