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    Social payment (II): Pay with a tweet, three differents study cases

Social payment (II): Pay with a tweet, three differents study cases

To promote their products, many companies use the functionality “Pay with a Tweet” button. This marketing strategy is really efficient, and it begins to grow up all over the world. In fact, the companies sell you a product in return to an advertising tweet, you simply tweet the seller’s viral message in exchange for the goods.
A way to get notoriety very quickly thanks to […]

Social payment (I): Pay with Instagram Pictures

In London, a new restaurant’s concept was just opened, The Picture House London, of the brand Birds Eyes, is a pop-up restaurant located in Soho. This restaurant has taken an advantage on their competitor, thanks to the application Instagram.
To promote their new products, the client has to take a photo of his meal, and then he posts it on the social network (Instagram), with […]

4 apps to control your house with your Smartphone

With the boom of Smartphones sales, the makers and developers of applications created many different applications and games for Smartphones and touch pad… That’s why some applications that allow you to control all the systems of your house or your office wherever you are will be created.

Remote Heating Control:


This first app is made to control all your electric appliances […]

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The most ridiculous translations of advertising slogans

When it comes to promotion, marketers have to deal with the fact, that ideal and successful advertising slogans and brand names in English will not sound that nice in other languages. Moreover, sometimes they are even translated with mistakes! Here you have some of “best case studies”. Enjoy!

KFC. When the American giant of fast-food by Kentucky Fried Chicken opened […]

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How to make a database with email subscribers

There is a belief that no one reads the mail. So I will say that it all depends on the quality of mailings. If there is a solid advertising and a particular person, it is not interesting, it is understandable why one reads. But I bet if you do not like to pay more for tickets, you keep a […]

Smart clock by Nissan

Nismo, a division of Nissan, released a “smart clock” that connect the driver with his car. Like many others, these “smartclock” knows how to measure the temperature, pulse and other biometrics of the owner.
A peculiarity is that they are synchronized with the car’s onboard computer and displays also its characteristics such as average speed, fuel consumption and telematics. The […]

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Content Marketing and storytelling. Retell me a fairytale

Sale increase in the Net nowadays became a key moment of the whole marketing. All because world wide web has penetrated into every house, moving the process of choosing and buying the product to comfortable laptops, tablets or even phones. Therefore, marketers followed clients to the Internet and started developing it into the new market with diverse customers.
The human’s […]

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    6 tips to make people promote your product, find your influencers.

6 tips to make people promote your product, find your influencers.

One of the best ways to improve brand recognition, expand your customer base and increase your sales is to make involved right people into conversation about your brand. That what people say always was  the most trusted way for a potential customer to hear about the product. Social media make it digital. It´s became a huge database of potential […]

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E-commerce is growing at the expense of smartphones

E-commerce is developing primarily due to increased penetration of smartphones, while there is a new trend of making online purchases while in traditional stores, according to a report Ericsson Consumerlab.
Dangerous for the off-trade, the paradox is that buyers are increasingly considering the traditional store as an exhibition hall, where a particular product can be studied “alive”, and then immediately […]

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Three approaches to multi-platform content

At the conference, Professional Publishers Association in 2013 , which was held May 8, 2013 in London , among other things discussed the question of what type of content is best suited for multi-platform titles. What you need to do this , that content was organic as in printing and in digital format ?
Three editors responded to this question. […]

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