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In Facebook on brands work photos and videos, not hashtags

For brands, one of the main factors of interaction in Facebook is visual content: photos and videos. Hashtags, which are a powerful tool in Twitter, do not give a strong effect
A new researched  published by Simply Measured, which says that hashtags, which are a powerful tool for searching Twitter, Facebook don´t have a big effect on the interaction.
Research on […]

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What makes Coca-Cola a number one brand in social media?

Who is the official partner of the Olympic Games for over 80 years? Which brand covered more than 275,000 miles across 186 countries in 365 days? Who has launched an advertising campaign that gathered more than 910,000 votes and 3 million views on YouTube? Yes, Coca-Cola.
A brand with millions of fans around the world. In addition, is the world […]

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Methods of promotion of sites: White, black or grey.

There are several methods of promoting websites on the Internet! They are all aimed at achieving the site TOP 10 positions in search of search engines. The basis of search laid keywords or phrases that search engine user enters in the form. On the basis of these key phrases and construct methods of promotion of sites and their promotion. […]

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Tips for working with Google Adwords

Install rates manually for placements picked manually. This will optimize the budget and lower / raise the price of clicks for the individual, the least efficient / most efficient, placements. Second, these more accurate rates affect your ad rank, so we recommend to increase the rates for those placements that are most important to you.

Use the multiplier rates

Ad scheduling […]

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    Top 5 effective ways to promote your company in social networks

Top 5 effective ways to promote your company in social networks

It’s not a secret that social networks have a very significant impact on the life of modern society. Whatever the field of activity are you interested in, we are constantly faced with the need to use web services. That’s why every company and organization needs to carry out a competent work in social networks, and a key success factor […]

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Goals-setting in social media marketing

Online presence for business has become a matter of fact rather than an option. Marketers nowadays willingly spend one fifth of marketing budget for online activities. Seeing the trend, program developers started creating various programs that help monitoring and analyzing the success of social media campaigns.
The first step to defining the success of these campaigns is a correct goal-setting. […]

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How to take a control over social media buzz

Monitoring the social media and putting it through special tools helps to have a better view of people’s opinions on the one’s brand. Smart companies know how to manage the power of buzz. The know how to give it the desirable flow just by adding right comments here and there once in a while.

First, prepare
What do you start with? […]

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    Integrated Facebook posts Facebook: great news for website owners

Integrated Facebook posts Facebook: great news for website owners

If you have a website or blog, you can share link to the posts, images, video, or other content from Facebook – and it automatically snaps to your site.
Previously, there were several ways in which you could embed posts from Facebook to website, but this required third-party tools. Now everything will be easier – as this feature is built […]

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Foursquare focuses on push-notifications

The introduction of push-notifications on Foursquare. Further plans of Foursquare.
Very soon Foursquare users on Android will be able to appreciate the advantages of the new notification system. Push-notifications will be initially available on Android and then on iOS. Notices will use user data for analyzing users and offering them the best places to visit in the locality. This article […]

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4 rules of mobile advertising luxury brands

Initially, advertising brands, producing luxury goods, placed in the press, but in the age of digital technology has expanded the horizon. Through video and other technologies, marketers of luxury brands began to sell his idea of a luxurious lifestyle selected cohort of people.
However, this approach will not work against the owners of smartphones. Mobile devices require the revision of […]

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