Negative impression of your website visitors leads to bad reputation. To avoid the loss of potential clients, study the following fact that users don’t like.  Did your website avoid them?

  1. Pop-up ads

This is evident – pop-up ads irritate. Maybe, it can give your few more subscribers, but it will be incomparable anyway to the amount of reader you lose because of it.

  1. Auto playback of video content on the loaded page

Nobody will try to switch the sound of or find a button to stop the video, the quickest way to stop the sudden noise is to close the webpage. Remember that when you will decide to place on your starting page an auto playback video.

  1. Distracting animation

As every marketer knows, it takes only 3 seconds for user to decide whether he wants to close the webpage or give it a chance. Clearly, not content can be read in this time. Therefore, it’s design and animation of the page that make first, and sometimes last, impression.

  1. Contact forms instead of contact information

It is one of the less effective forms of communication with clients. It suggests that client cannot receive answer when he wishes, but when someone from the company will decide to devote his time…

  1. Pictures of office paradise

Yes, users love content with images more. But ideal human-robots in sterile futuristic offices look insincere… and make all your company look the same way.

  1. Too optimized content

It may be easier found in the search engine, but it’s definitely much less readable. Who would like to read to the end content with non-stop repeated keywords and whole phrases?

  1. Lack of social media buttons to share

Do yourself a favor, let users distribute your content further if they want to.

  1. Lack of blog

A blog nowadays is a must-have for every corporate site. Your potential clients and partners would like to make a research on you before contacting you. And it’s better for you, if they can find the needed information on your official blog, not somewhere else.

  1. Disorientation

It is one of the hardest “sins” of the website owners. If a user can see usefulness of your website at once, he can forgive you some other irritating mistakes.

  1. Non-working internal links

Internal links are useful for both clients and websites. A user can get additional information he needs; a website can get better traffic. It’s a win-win situation. So pay attention to validity of your internal links.