The introduction of push-notifications on Foursquare. Further plans of Foursquare.

Very soon Foursquare users on Android will be able to appreciate the advantages of the new notification system. Push-notifications will be initially available on Android and then on iOS. Notices will use user data for analyzing users and offering them the best places to visit in the locality. This article will tell about the new push-notifications with details.


How do the push-notification from Foursquare work?

In fact, the application Foursquare becomes a “counselor” of the user thanks to the push-notifications. For example, suppose you have come to dine at the restaurant and do not know what to choose. If previously you had to go to Foursquare, then to the Explore and only then read the reviews, now the push-notifications inform you about the best meals immediately after arrival to the institution. Or you come to unfamiliar city (district) and do not know where to go. Push-notifications will inform you where do your friends go and advise establishments with the best reviews, etc.

The difference between the push-notifications and Explore feature is very simple: in the first case the user does not even need to take the phone in his hands – the application will do everything for him (find information.) Roughly speaking, download Foursquare and use all its benefits without spending valuable time reading reviews and searching for points of interest.

It may seem that push-notifications on Foursquare work somewhat similar to Google Now and Field Trip, but they are not. For example, Google Now is engaged in a constant search, and Field Trip is searching on the ground. Meanwhile Foursquare analyzes all the data about the user to offer the most accurate information.


1.  Foursquare representative reported that the company does not intend to develop its application for Google Glass.

2. According to Bloomberg, Foursquare is negotiating with leading engineering corporations for investment. It is assumed that the “investors” want to start the monetization of service. Microsoft is reported to have interested in investing in Foursquare.

3. Foursquare remains one of the most attractive services for the purchase, and the big players are unlikely to miss the opportunity to take over the service, if given the opportunity.