Online presence for business has become a matter of fact rather than an option. Marketers nowadays willingly spend one fifth of marketing budget for online activities. Seeing the trend, program developers started creating various programs that help monitoring and analyzing the success of social media campaigns.

The first step to defining the success of these campaigns is a correct goal-setting. However, one should remember that not all the goals can be evaluated with numbers; they do provide sales increase anyway. These goals are awareness, sentiments and loyalty.  Still every company should determine the metrics which will be milestones towards its goals.

What are the most common reasons for participation in social media? Usually it’s brand awareness, engagement, influence, exposure, share of voice, increased sales, customer loyalty and effective promotion on the lower cost.

Motivate to react and act

CTA (call-to-action) is what helps to track your online marketing activities. Which social channel had the biggest role in which marketing goal? CTA is what gives an answer by making people respond in a specific way, like sharing, buying, downloading. How to determine, which CTA will suit your target audience the most? A call to action should be understandable and specific, it should offer some value to the user, give a feeling that it should be done immediately and feel safe. Place your CTA message on your websites and put links to it on social pages. Remember that the message has to be related to the topics of pages where you placed the links.

Set Expectations

Online presence influenced the processes and operating in organizations significantly. Not only marketing and PR, but also recruiting, customer service, sales, finance, internal communications have undergone changes and adapted to new conditions. For successful goal setting and achieving in online marketing, these all areas should be coordinated well. A sufficient online presence demands rapidity in reacting for crises, responding to claims and adapting to new trends and opportunities for the same extant by people, processes and departments.

Define a common strategy

 According to your business goals determine KPIs that will defines your end result.

Assign tasks

Coordinate the work of employees, who are in charge of social media activities, assure that they have access and legitimization to act and respond when needed.

Don’t forget your online policy

To protect your brand from unnecessary damage in the Internet, create guidelines that will help your employees to understand the main purpose of your online presence.

Share the responsibilities

Who will be in charge of complaints about delivery services? Who will answer the technical questions on products? Who will coordinate overall public online opinion?

Determine the channels that will participate in different types of communication. What will be a process of reaction on different kind of situations? Who will participate in it?

Choose the most suitable social tools

To choose the best option for your brand, you should first identify and analyze your target group. Where are the key influencers of your market? Which social platform better answers your social media presence’ goals?


And don’t forget to keep tracking and analyzing your metrics!

Many companies enter social platforms without clear understanding what next. However, it is necessary to have vision for online campaign, like for the regular ones. Internet and social networks give various possibilities, but to use them to the fullest it is important to have specific goals.