One of the top managers of Google states that the company – at least so far – has nothing against the presence of Facebook Home on the Android devices, but in the future the situation may change.

Sundar Pichai, the head of Android and Chrome subunits in Google corporation, in an interview with Steven Levy from Wired retold what Google thinks about Facebook Home (a new visual sheath for Android). Home, in fact, completely changes the way of using the Android, replacing the standard lock screen and home screen with designed by Facebook social interface. When Facebook presented the Home, many doubted that Google will let making such manipulations with interface for Android.

Pichai said in an interview that Google welcomes innovative features for Android OS, and currently has no plans to change its policy:

“We want to be a maximally open platform, but we also want a user to get from using our OS nothing but positive experiences. We need to find a way of rationalization that will lead to benefit of both users and developers. In this question a balance is needed. But we are not going to change anything for now – Facebook introduced a great product and we are happy about it”.

However, Pichai further elaborated:

“Let me make something clear. It is the users who decide which applications and features they need. We do not want to interfere with this. In the end, the main thing is that user is satisfied. That is why we regularly update our operating system. We are changing with the time. If this is what users want, I think, Facebook will also be able to do it. We want users to get what they want”.

Facebook recently reported that the number of downloads of Home exceeded one million. Some believe that this is a very low figure for such a product, but attention should be paid to the fact that currently Home is available not for all versions of Android.

Also, the other day, it was announced that AT&T has decided to withdraw from the market its HTC First (the first smart phone with preinstallation of Home) due to low sales. BGR reports that during the first month AT&T sold less than 15,000 devices.
If consumers decide that they do not need Home, Google will not have to do anything.