Google can count on the fact that it will become a part of history: it was disclosed learned that in the world there are already one billion devices on Android.

The popularity of Google and Android is difficult to underestimate, however, the company is not going to stop there. To further popularize its OS, the company decided to name its next version KitKat. Chocolate bar, which, according to Google, embodies the company, will be the main driver of Android 4.4 KitKat.

 Android 4.4 KitKat, Nexus 7 and Google Play

In the nearest future the millions of KitKat bars will become available for sale, , branded with Android logo. Google is planning to put to lottery the new tablets Nexus 7 and provide free access to applications on Google Play for users who will buy “happy” bars. while KitKat chocolate bars are manufactured by Nestle (worldwide) and Hersey (USA).

Obviously, the deal is beneficial to all parties: Google gets support from hundreds of thousands of KitKat fans, while KitKat earns on promotion from Google and increased sales. What is interesting is that the deal, according to BBC, is absolutely free. Neither Google, nor KitKat have to pay for the deal.

Who will benefit from Google and KitKat deal? First and foremost, it is, of course, KitKat, as, in fact, any advertising of the new operating system of Google will automatically increase sales of bars. Great deals with the Nexus 7 and Google Play also will draw attention of Google fans. Meanwhile, Google, most likely will not notice a significant increase in sales of Android devices.


Following an announcement by BBC, Google has confirmed that the deal was free. The deal, however, has not been named. In Google stressed that on sale will go more than 50 million KitKat bars with Android logo. Bars will be sold in 19 countries – Australia, Brazil, Germany, India, Japan, Russia, the United States and the Middle East. The number of Nexus 7 tablets, which the company is ready to give to buyers , is still kept secret. Has not been disclosed also information about bonuses on Google Play.

In general, Google and KitKat fans will have something to talk about, because the next Android will combine the “best” of both products – Android innovation and the attractiveness of KitKat.