Bloomberg, one of the two leading providers of financial information for professional financial market participants, reports, that Microsoft and financial services company American Express (hereinafter Amex) began to fight for the shares of Foursquare (4sq) – a social network with the function of geo positioning designed primarily for use with mobile devices. Especially surprising is interest of Amex, which could lead to an interesting trade partnership aimed at attracting even more small advertisers. Is it possible that Foursquare will be the first candidate for investment or will another tidbit for the world’s leaders in the field of economy and technology appear? For this we need to understand what can offer the platform 4sq.

Microsoft may use it to rank the local search results, or approximate users experience to the Windows operating system for phones and PCs. However, the integration and manipulations with 4sq does not guarantee improvement in the company’s position in the market. It can be seen from already committed investment in the social network of Facebook, after which the PageRank of Microsoft has not changed at all. On the other hand, together with 4sq, Microsoft will receive its first social product that can be used on a long-term basis for a slow but steady growth. Then, such a purchase would make sense.

The Google interest

Chances are that popular search engine will get nothing, as CEO Dennis Crowley described the venture with the sale of mobile social networks 4sq as “failure.” The official estimated cost of the lot was $ 600 million, so that billion with a “small change” from Google will be more than enough. Then there is only one question ─ what a feeling inside Dennis will win: greed or open hostility?

The interest of Yahoo

Marissa Mayer, president and the CEO of «Yahoo!», has her own motives for acquisition and abandonment of 4sq. On the one hand buying Foursquare will give advantageous “SoLoMo” application with accumulated 20 millionth user base. The principle of “SoLoMo” is based on the potential of social networks (“So”), which is put at the service of the many local traditional businesses (“Lo”), due to the fact that Internet users have become mobile (“Mo”). On the other hand, Meyer will have to spend a lot of money, automatically dooming the corporation for a long belt tightening.

The situation is complicated by the fact that Meyer has worked in the past with Google, so that, according to the rules of professional ethics, the bloody battle between the leaders will not occur. Everything will be settled peacfully.