There is a belief that no one reads the mail. So I will say that it all depends on the quality of mailings. If there is a solid advertising and a particular person, it is not interesting, it is understandable why one reads. But I bet if you do not like to pay more for tickets, you keep a close eye for newsletters airlines.

Easy sign-up form

To make the form to subscribe to the newsletter to be most effective, spend an A / B testing. You can use services such as Optimizely and Visual Website Optimizer. Test calls to action, shape, color and size of the button.

For example, you blog about SEO. You can make that 50% of the audience will see your original subscription form, and the other 50 – modified. For example, the first version of the form contains a call to “Sign up for my email-newsletter,” and secondly, “Get tips and SEO-chips please!”. Several thousand visitors through their actions show what form works best. Remember to test the parameters of rotation, so you know exactly what worked.

Hold a contest and promotions


Regularly publish useful content

If you have the contextual project, in order not to miss the updates, the users themselves will subscribe to our newsletter. However, to add at the end of each post on the blog (articles on the site) the subscription form for the newsletter will not be amiss.

Offer free valuable content

You can send a “white book” on the e-mail to those who ask for them himself, or a course of instruction by email (send to a number of case letters).

Make a webinar

There are a lot of services for organizing webinars, for example, GoToWebinar. Registration will be on your email address. Not all registrants eventually attend the webinar, but then they can send the item, and to continue the dialogue (rather a monologue of interest).

Free Tools / Services

Create a useful service for you to enter the email.

Add a subscription form to the tab in Facebook

In MailChimp is a special plugin for that. No one will look for a tab in Facebook, to sign up for the newsletter – from time to time have to make posts with reference to it. For this to work, you need fans from Facebook to promise something exclusive. An example is literally in the last post about Landing strategy.

Distribute your content

Even if you write superpoleznye things, but they are read with a dozen of your colleagues – down the drain, subscriber base will not grow. Try to place the guest posts on other blogs. It is important to choose a popular theme blog, where your potential target audience. Guest posts should not be openly advertising – on the contrary, they should be useful information that readers have wanted to come to your site and find out more. You can arrange to add a subscription form to the email-newsletter at the end of the post.

You need to get into the news feed of your best resources industry. Enlist the support of partners in spreading your infopovodov in social networks.

Engage your audience’s attention

On the western sites are often spotted in the cheder, a band with a call to action – it seems a good idea.

Collect addresses with video

Video – a great way to get attention, but if you still do not know who is your audience, you’re missing out on something. Use the services Wistia and LeadPlayer, to embed the video in the form to subscribe.

Social proof

Imagine that you are offered to try a new product for leaving care. You do not believe that it is an effective tool and do not want to waste time and money buying advertising. You start to look for reviews of friends / acquaintances / just people from the Internet to make a decision. If you will be on your mailing positive feedback – this will eventually affect the number of subscriptions. Reviews can be issued citations and placed on the Landing, or from time to time publish them on social networks. Keep a track of reviews and use them for the benefit of themselves as – make sure that they read a lot of people.

Email – uniquely powerful tool to attract and engage the audience, you just need to know how to cook it.