The reason

First, in simple and clear words explain the readers why should they subscribe. Will they receive some unique content as a benefit (e-books, white papers, videos, access to bonus articles)? Will they gave additional advice on the topic they are interested in? Will they get answer for their question of interest?

The frequency

Now the potential readers have a reason to subscribe. It is logical to mention the frequency of a newsletter. A reader should be mentally prepared to the amount of information you offer. Sometimes it is also good to mention that a reader can easily unsubscribe the newsletter, so the followers will feel themselves more secure.


Let’s now talk about ways of stimulating users to subscribe your newsletter. One of the examples is an internet shop that offers new costumers to receive new interesting offers by email.  So if you buy a book on some specific topic, a shop will offer you to subscribe for news on novelties on the same topic. This is a really working strategy.

The other working stimulus is sales. A good type of stimuli for clothes shops, as costumers usually buy clothe regularly, in contrast to some historic books.

You can offer your clients to send them information about presents, sale-outs, before-sales of some special products and availability in your stores of products with some specific value.

Another stimulus can be an additional content, as the most bloggers do. “Subscribe now and receive series of video lessons”.

Form location

Location of the subscription form on the website is another important step for attracting the followers.

Internet shops usually offer subscription after the purchase/order has been made. Larger shops usually subscribe costumers only for the group of products that clients have already bought.

Other websites has a subscription form placed on the starting/every page of the website. Sometimes, to make it more noticeable, website owners place the subscription form in the middle of the page.

A lot of options exist, but none of them is ideal. The chosen stimuli should be applicable to the website theme, sector, the importance of newsletter and website design of the each webpage.