Monitoring the social media and putting it through special tools helps to have a better view of people’s opinions on the one’s brand. Smart companies know how to manage the power of buzz. The know how to give it the desirable flow just by adding right comments here and there once in a while.

First, prepare

What do you start with? Filling the Internet with tweets and posts on your brand?

The first step should be estimation of the current buzz around your company in The Internet.


What is the buzz level around your brand without your interference? What do people say? What kind of language do they use?

Observe more:

Now do the same with your competitors. Compare how often their and your brands are mentioned. What reactions do they get to the certain kind of content? Use these informations to form your campaign. Pay a great attention to discussions where your brand is compared to others and try to turn them to your advantages.

Observe more generally;

Now take an overall look at your industry. What is its overall buzz? What is a general opinion on the industry? Check also keywords for it. What can be changed with your campaign?

See where you are heading:

To reach your goals your, firstly, need to have ones. Set up some numbers and quality level for a buzz you are going to create. What is the desired outcome of creating a buzz?

buzz sm

Now, Act

Know where to look:

Depending of your goals, it’s a different kind of parameters of your buzz that you need to measure and evaluate. Listen to right people in right places, then, adapt your campaign according to their feedback.

Know to see what is important:

Buzz evaluations is not purely a number of published content and followers.

You can think that your company was a success because of high number. Was it? This data can lead to misinterpretation. A campaign with lesser results can bring more value, if the right people were reached.

But, looking deeper into it, estimating the campaign only by number is like counting the number of time people mentioned your brand without looking at WHAT they said about it. You got a high traffic right after realizing a new product? Before getting satisfied, look closer to the comments, aren’t that complaints?

Follow the flow:

A great advantage of the online campaign over the traditional one is tha it can (and should) be adapted with a flow of public reactions. Therefore, monitor precisely all the opinions and change you actions in accordance to people’s opinions.

What now?

Achieve the data:

Gather and sum up for the future the actions you’ve done and the results you’ve got. Compare it to your other campaigns. It will have you to get a better understanding of your right and wrong decisions.

Analyze the data:

Review and analyze what you’ve got. How did users react to your actions? What did you learn?

With a deeper look at the companies’ actions in the Internet, it is easy to notice that many of them are present in the Internet just for the sake of presence. Because “Everybody else is present”.  Rare companies actually track their actions and reactions to it. And even less knows how to make use of it.