Social media recreates reality, changing the terms and processes of our life. Companies are trying to use these trends for their sake, giving social media a significant role in their marketing strategies. They want to get a slice for the pie of nowadays phenomenon of social networking.

How to do that?

Set up goals

Like in every other start, you begin with visualizing and listing your goals. To know when you reach your objectives you need to create a scale by which to assess your actions. If you just start with online presence, without any united plan, you can cause more harm to your brand than benefit.

What is your goal? To create for your costumers a possibility to get fast answers to their questions and complaints? To shape public opinion on your products? To promote a novelty?

Create a plan

How to create a social network image of your brand, which would resemble the real one? Online world has its own language and everything from outside should be translated first into it. When creating an online “reflection” of your brand identity, keep in mind its mission, values and style.

social media man

Choose your place

Internet has hundreds of social platforms out there. Some remain for decades, another come and go. There are old veterans and rising stars. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedln.

Which one to choose? Or to work with all at once?

Have a better look at your own brand to decide. Retailers will find themselves comfortable on Pinterest and Facebook, where they can share pictures and videos of their goods. To create a costumer share it is good to pay attention to Twitter. Keep in mind, that social media presence demand a lot of time and dedication. The more platforms, the more time and dedication. Therefore, rather than occasionally posting here and there once in a while, it is better to choose a single platform which answers your need in the best possible way.

Get a Manager

A Social Media Community Manager should be someone who knows and understands your company well and is good in communication and cares for the results.

Create Costumer Service

It is the best way to react fast to complaints, problems, crisises, etc. Let your Social media manager track all the key points, both positive and negative, being mentioned in reliance with your brand and field in general. The best way to solve a problem is to prevent it. Proactive costume service can turn occasional clients into your brand advocates.

Have a plan B

Crises cannot be predicted. But you can prepare to it anyway. Monitoring the social media plays a key role in it. You can easily get a real time information about the Internet users reaction on every your action.  To prevent a serious crisis sometimes is enough to just notice it on time and solve while it is insignificant. Don’t wait until customers will start acting, be proactive, give your social media manager enough power to be able to act when needed.

Befriend media

An online presence is not a state of “alone in the web”. You need to socialize, to interact, to build relations. But not purely with your costumers. Get the influential online journalists help you. Follow them, comment and re-post their articles, engage into discussions, offer professional help as an expert. Determine influencers by the volume of buzz they create online. How many re-tweets do they get for every post, how many followers do they have? Influencers may have power over their followers’ minds. They are online celebrities. Getting them promoting your brand will increase your sails..

Social media presence for brands is not a question of “yes or no” anymore.” Now it’s “how to get the most out of it, building the successful online image in social media that will benefit the company”.