For brands, one of the main factors of interaction in Facebook is visual content: photos and videos. Hashtags, which are a powerful tool in Twitter, do not give a strong effect

A new researched  published by Simply Measured, which says that hashtags, which are a powerful tool for searching Twitter, Facebook don´t have a big effect on the interaction.

Research on the effectiveness hashtags in Twitter was held in April this year. Then it was found that 41% of users are using hashtags in Twitter, to learn more about the brand or product. “Hashtag implicitly reflect the mood of the consumer and are one of the most powerful ways to voice their preferences in real time” – said vice-president of an advertising company RadiumOne Kamal Kaur on this occasion.

But with the hashtag on Facebook all the way is different, according to analysts from Simply Measured. Almost all of the top 100 brands according to Interbrand have an account in Facebook, but only 20% of the posts include hashtags. Posts brands that contain hashtags, do not create additional synergies and bring the same effect as messages without them, the study said.

What great help to interact with the consumer in Facebook?

One of the main factors of interaction in Facebook is visual content. Photos posted by the world’s leading brands – about 9,400 likes, Sherov and comments from one station together; video messages – 2500.

“This is the most recent research proves once again that knowing your audience, understanding the value of their content and assessment efforts are extremely important for the development of strategies in social networks,” – says CEO Adam Shenfild Simply Measure