If you have a website or blog, you can share link to the posts, images, video, or other content from Facebook – and it automatically snaps to your site.

Previously, there were several ways in which you could embed posts from Facebook to website, but this required third-party tools. Now everything will be easier – as this feature is built into Facebook, there is no need in third-party tools. It also will contribute to an increase in traffic. At the moment, the new function can be used only on certain sites, such as Mashable, People, Huffington Post, CNN, and Bleacher Report. Soon, Facebook plans to make this feature available to everybody. This innovation will be beneficial for those who want to create a web presence or simplify marketing online campaigns.


How does it all work?

When the built-in posts will become available to all users of Facebook, category of “built-in post” will appear in the menu. After clicking on the link “built in post”, you will be able to copy and insert the code, which will then be available to inserting directly into your website. Once the post is inserted, users will be able to comment, like and search content by hashtags, just as if they were on Facebook. Companies will be brought many benefits in terms of increasing the interest of users and the effectiveness of the site:

Everything will be connected. Social account will be linked with the site, and everything will be in one place. For users it will be easier to navigate the site, follow the conversation and work with content, because they will not have to move from one site to another.

• It will be more likely, that you wil be “heared”. If your content is inserted into the multiple resources, more people will be able to see the comments on it.

Increase of the audience. Not often, but it happens that people do not have social accounts. If a person has no account on Facebook, it will not be able to see a fast there, but he will be able to see it, if the post is inserted to third-party site. That is why the recessed posts to help with any users.

Make sure the post is available for everybody

Thus, the site will display all the things that you post on Facebook.

How else can you take advantage of innovation?

Post good content. If you have a built in content, it is highly likely that producers of news, journalists and bloggers will come to you looking for something straight from the tin. High quality content will give you new opportunities for advancement.

• Competitions. If you frequently conduct contests for users on Facebook, the embedded posts will help attract even more attention to other people.

Qualitative comments. Thanks to this innovation at Facebook there will be more news and comments, as it will be easier for users to take part in the discussions.

The possibilities are endless – just wait until Facebook will introduce this feature and go ahead!