There are several methods of promoting websites on the Internet! They are all aimed at achieving the site TOP 10 positions in search of search engines. The basis of search laid keywords or phrases that search engine user enters in the form. On the basis of these key phrases and construct methods of promotion of sites and their promotion. The task of SEO is to make the best use of their knowledge and experience and the right to apply existing methods.

But not all methods of website promotion reach 100% efficiency. In fact, the only secure method of promoting a website in a search engine can guarantee a good future for your Internet project. Consider different methods of promotion sites: black, white and gray methods.What is the difference?

  • White method

First of all, but you need to understand that the main purpose and the concept of search engines is to show in providing the most relevant (relevant and accurate) information to grant users who are key phrases to find specific information. Regarding this concept of the algorithm the search engines are build. So, the “white promotional methods” sites are repelled from the same concept as the search engines. Only there is a difference, seo-optimizer is not fully known algorithms of search engines, because it is a trade secret. Accordingly, the “white” promotion methods are quite time-consuming process optimization and promotion of sites, actions which take a lot of time and patience to achieve the best result in the issuance of search. If self promotion and the work carried out on the site is true, from experience and statistics, any website in 1-2 months appears in the search for several key demands, and after about 5-8 months, he took first place in the top 10 of the all thematic keywords.

  • Black methods

of promotion of sites also targeting the top 10 search engines. Only the achievement of such a result is obtained in a short time, because this method of trying to trick the search engines. These methods give results, but they deny the principles and the concept of search engines, the result is the risk of being temporary. Search engines today have learned to recognize the black methods and seriously punish such sites by reducing positions and finishing – closing the site or the removal of its index. But the search engines do not always see the pseudo-optimizers. So here “as a friend” can inform search engines moderators your “favorite” competitors

  • Gray method

is something between the previous two methods. This method of promotion is interpreted as: “What is not forbidden by search engines, it is permissible.” Such an action of this method due to the lack of rules and requirements of search engines to websites and imperfect system of objective algorithms show the ranking of sites.