The network of influencers and prescribers generates engagement and recommendations on behalf of the brand or product.

Our services allow you to manage your social media campaign as well as give you specific support actions with dynamic social influencers. Our goal is to build relationships based on the success of the brand and its audiences providing measurable results.

    • Strategic design

We help you to develop an effective contact with the influencers and fans aligned with your marketing objectives through goal oriented social media and actions that will allow you achieving greater engagement, penetration and visibility.

    • Attracting influencers

We identify the top influencers for your brand based on quantitative and qualitative criteria of social media. We invite you to be a part of the unique project that allows us to build a relationship based on motivation and confidence that leads influencers to be the main ambassadors of your brand.

    • Campaign Management

We want these influencers to became the main prescribers of your brand. This is why we built a continuous and long lasting relationship with our international network of social ambassadors, so the audiences and channels will become the winning media for your brand in social media.

    • Analysis of social media campaigns

The key objective is to determine the effectiveness of the campaigns, therefore our platform provides all the information on the influencers profiles and on the effectiveness of the campaign, so you can have continuous control over the Earn Media Value of all activities.


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