Nismo, a division of Nissan, released a “smart clock” that connect the driver with his car. Like many others, these “smartclock” knows how to measure the temperature, pulse and other biometrics of the owner.

A peculiarity is that they are synchronized with the car’s onboard computer and displays also its characteristics such as average speed, fuel consumption and telematics. The gadget was presented at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt, which will last until 22 September 2013.

Experts say that such clock – is an important step in the communication between the owner and his car. According to the chief editor of the magazine What Car?, Chas Hallett, ensuring interaction with a car will become the new battleground between car manufacturers. The idea of ​​the Internet in cars is gaining momentum, and Nissan with an idea of “smartclock” made ​​a very good move, and made a step ahead of the competition in this matter. And in the general category about the “Internet of things”.

It´s time to warm up the car

Marketing Director at Nissan for the European region, Gareth Dunsmore, said: “Wearable gadgets are quickly gaining in popularity, and we’re going to take advantage of these new technologies.”

Recall that recently entered the market such watches as Samsung’s Galaxy Gear and Sony’s Smartwatch 2 or the iclock. But Chas Hallett believes that the car clocks will be much more functional, and therefore more interesting for the car owners. “Imagine that you can warm up your car with clock on a cold day or close the roof of a cabriolet in the parking lot when it started to rain.”

Dunsmore reminded that electric car Nissan LEAF already has the ability to interact with the owner by a smartphone. And the same function will have a future generation car “smartclock”.

This clock is one of the first products released by the laboratory of Nismo. In the future it is planned to use the data of ECG and EEG monitoring heart rate and brain activity. But the ultimate goal is to create a wearable gadget that will monitor the degree of driver fatigue, the level of concentration and emotional state.