To promote their products, many companies use the functionality “Pay with a Tweet” button. This marketing strategy is really efficient, and it begins to grow up all over the world. In fact, the companies sell you a product in return to an advertising tweet, you simply tweet the seller’s viral message in exchange for the goods.

A way to get notoriety very quickly thanks to your followers. Indeed, when a consumer tweet the link of the company, all his followers can see the website and moreover the people are more confident if someone who knows buys thanks to a tweet. This is advantageous for the company, because the customers do advertising for free. And it’s also advantageous for the consumers because he buys product for free.

This is really simple for the companies to create a “Pay with a tweet” button on their website; you just have to follow the tutorial on the website: Thanks to this campaign, many companies got a big notoriety quickly. But it was not created to earn money quickly, but it was created to promote some products and some brands in order to sell other products for real. It’s an effectively advertising campaign. However, many people are against this method because all the customers who “Pay with a Tweet” become influencers of a brand, with only one tweet. Moreover, this system can spam all your timeline on twitter, or your entire wall on Facebook.

There are many companies which use the “Pay with a Tweet” button in order to advertise effectively. I will discuss three cases of different markets:

1) The company BOS which selling ice tea beverage, installed a beverage dispenser inside a mall in South Africa. This dispenser offers you an Ice-Tea can in return to a tweet.

2) Two writers were promoting their book: “Oh My God What Happened And What Should I Do?” thanks to the “Pay with a Tweet” button. Thanks to it, they got:

  • 13.000+ Downloads & Tweets in the first 72 hours
  • 170.000+ Downloads & Tweets in just 6 months 

3) Greenpeace was also sold their game “Deepsea Desperation” for a tweet. We can see the efficient of this marketing strategy: – More than 400.000 people paid for something with a Tweet or Facebook post in just 6 months.

 More than 10.000 “Pay with a Tweet” buttons have been created. Even if this marketing strategy seems to be efficient; we have to be careful of the advertising spam on our socials network. But the “Pay with a Tweet” button is a really good way for companies doing advertising campaign quickly with the socials media.