At the conference, Professional Publishers Association in 2013 , which was held May 8, 2013 in London , among other things discussed the question of what type of content is best suited for multi-platform titles. What you need to do this , that content was organic as in printing and in digital format ?

Three editors responded to this question. Simon Kanter , editor of Haymarket Network, the company responsible for producing the daily magazine, published during the London Olympics. Jane Burton , chief editor of Grazia. Charlie Turner, editor in chief of the magazine TopGear.

 1. Use preprinted skills in network

Simon Kanter believes that the issue of “seal against the figures” not worth it. There is a task just to print a part of the digital mix, when all that has always been important for the print media , and made ​​available in digital format , too .

The success of their Olympic project Kanter sees that the publisher managed to learn to speak with the community concerned in one language and to achieve credibility among them.

Recall that the Olympic project printed out in hard copy daily for 27 days.

2. Content and Context

Jane Burton of Grazia believes that the success of any publication is content. But the content should not be divorced from the actual context that surrounds a community that works for the publisher .

When you understand that the information field , which rotates your reader , you will succeed . In this case , there will be a strong relationship between the reader and the publication , and it is expensive .

3. Multiplatform schedule

Charlie Turner believes that his readers need beautiful pictures. So, if you take beautiful pictures and use them to send the reader on a fascinating journey , equipped with high-quality text , you can do it.

Last year, his magazine conducted a six-hour test drive Aston Martin One- 77. Material from this closely enough to drive both the platform on which there is a magazine TopGear.

Because the material is exclusive , it is first placed in the print edition , and only then he was in the net. But this did not stop to get 2.7 million hits a test drive on the journal’s website. In addition, a separate mobile application which was created based on the test , it was downloaded 34,000 times .

This is a very good illustration of the thesis Turner, who said: “The main value of the content that will occur after it is published .”

Approach TopGear – a clear diversification of which platforms to use one or the other content , at what time and with what features. It is important to understand how to provide printed material, in what format, what will the continuation of the story , if you start telling her to ” figure.”