Install rates manually for placements picked manually. This will optimize the budget and lower / raise the price of clicks for the individual, the least efficient / most efficient, placements. Second, these more accurate rates affect your ad rank, so we recommend to increase the rates for those placements that are most important to you.

Use the multiplier rates

Ad scheduling allows you to specify what days and hours your AdWords campaign should be active. In extended mode of this tool, you can also set different multipliers rates for different times of day and different days of the week. The multiplier rate (from 10% to 1000% of the original CPC) affects all ads in the campaign, including ads with separate search and Display Networks.

High interest rates to begin with

Start the campaign with high interest rates, to increase coverage and a good story of the account (performance index). At the end of 2 weeks, rates can be reduced without losing your position.

Targeting by topic

If you are using a target on the topics, create a separate campaign for that. Combine target on topics targeted keywords, it will more accurately “targeted” by the audience.


If you are using in their remarketing campaigns, restrict to begin screenings in the range of 5 to 10.

30 characters in the headline

Text ads may contain more characters than the usual restrictions, if they are targeted to certain Eastern European and Asian countries. Longer text ads can contain up to 30 characters in the title and 76 characters – in other lines of text. Longer text ads are only supported for targeting specific country. Below, the figure shows how to activate it.

Editor Adwords

Editor AdWords – a free, downloadable application for managing campaigns AdWords. If you have a lot of campaigns or keywords, or you manage multiple accounts, AdWords Editor will allow you to easily and quickly get the job done.

Google Adwords and Google Analytics

If you are using to keep track on your website Google Analytics, Link the Adwords account and an account Analytics. This will allow you to Google Analytics reports to see visitors coming from Google Adwords, and further assess the effectiveness of each key request individually.

Relative CTR

You spend an advertising campaign on the Google Display Network Google Adwords, where the CTR of your ad is 0.03. It seems to be good for the Google Display Network. The index “Relative CTR» lower the doubts and you will be able to judge the success of your performance indicators against competitors who place their ads on the same page. For example: As mentioned earlier, your CTR is 0.03. Relative index of 0.4. This means that the average CTR of your competitors is equal to 0.07 (Relative CTR = Your CTR / Average CTR competitors). From this figure, we understand that our ad performs worse than your competitors. Draw your own conclusions.

Everyone on staff access

If your account runs multiple users, provide each individual with access to his personal account. This will be monitored, in the case of the Internet agency, or to reconstruct the history of changes in your account when you use more than one user.