Who is the official partner of the Olympic Games for over 80 years? Which brand covered more than 275,000 miles across 186 countries in 365 days? Who has launched an advertising campaign that gathered more than 910,000 votes and 3 million views on YouTube? Yes, Coca-Cola.

A brand with millions of fans around the world. In addition, is the world leader on the efficiency of social media marketing. This transnational corporation that produces food and beverages owns 14% of the 10.6 billion of online advertising views, generated by hundreds of top brands.


Coca-Cola became the number 1 social media brand thanks to its products, an exemplary social media marketing strategy, and a close interaction with the consumer. Social networks around the world are filled with references to the brand: Coca-Cola is mentioned in more than 9,500 blogs and 270 Facebook pages and about 1500 times on Twitter.

The references for the most part are related to something happening in the Coca-Cola at the moment, with certain facts and history. Over the years, the company has built a solid and extensive fan base that interacts daily with the brand, responding to wall posts, tweets and blog posts. Some others brands also have quite powerful online presence, so what makes Coca-Cola the undisputed leader?

On Facebook Coca-Cola has more than 76 million of fans, and on Twitter it has more than 2 million of followers. It is continued commitment of the company to embrace social media users from all over the world that has led to such indicators. Most of the advertising campaigns of Coca-Cola are actively supported by the loyal fans of the brand. Posts on Facebook and Twitter provoke discussion and do not seem a banal advertising to users. In short, Coca-Cola knows how to interact with the audience. The company’s Facebook page is mostly filled with fans and is updated regularly for optimal interaction with the community.

Coca-Cola is very serious about its social media marketing. A detailed study of the latest social media trends with the software designed to analyze the consumer behavior has always been the core of blogging strategy of Coca-Cola. The company estimates highly comments, requests, feedbacks, and answers them as quickly as possible. Its strategy of working with social media is based on reviews, recordings and redirects.

The Coca-Cola entries in blogs promoves interaction of people from all corners of the planet. Coca-Cola has a creative approach to blogging – it loads images, videos, posts, short movies, and other relevant content, which makes its blogs a real example of effective online marketing.